Educational Support



1. Kalam se KALAM tak :  Scholarship



Purpose of Donation / Educational Material Items Approx Quantity Amount in INR to Sponsor A Child for Education
School Kit 1 550
Foot Wear, 2 Pair Uniform, Umbrella etc 1 2700
School Fees, Exam Fee, Tuition Fees, 1 11750
Total INR. 15000/-
  • How long does the sponsorship go on?
    We encourage you to sponsor a child at least for 3 years. You would be happy to know that many of our sponsors have shared our journey since 2010, when child sponsorship started by us.

  2. SCHOOL KIT for Poor Students:

Many students in our service area are dropping out of school before their high school, since their parents cannot afford to provide uniform, text books, school bag and such other items. We motivate their parents through counselling sessions to send their children to school. We have been providing educational material to these poor children who attend Government Schools. We provide educational material consisting of text books, notebooks, geometry box, pencils, pens, and school uniforms, clothes, shoes, school bag, lunch box. We select the candidates by personal visits to their homes to assess the family background. We also take inputs from the school head masters to select the students who are doing well in studies.
So far we have provided School Kit to more then 10,000+ students studying in classes from 5th to 12th standard.
You can donate for educational material for these deserving children, and together we ensure that they do not drop out of school.

3. Career Academy :

We have started Career Academy for Rural students in Sindhudurga where we are giving theoretical as well as physical training to face Competitive Exam with the vision to provide the right career path to the rural youth’s at the right time so that they can get right career at right place.

This journey starting as a pre-recruitment training center with setting up the goal and achieving goal is the  destination of this journey.

4. Lets reCYCLE :

Transforming life by donating your old bicycle…..

Recycling the bicycle is the unique project as it helped more than 100 students who were walking miles to reach their schools. Kokan Region is the region with Sahyadri mountain ranges. Mostly schools are at Tahasil places or central places of few villages. State transport services are not feasible in most of the it is making difficulties  for many students  to  reach  their schools. Lets reCYCLE is the initiative to save their energy and time to use it for their Studies. in this project we are Collecting old bicycle from Metro cities, repair it and gift it to the rural Students. More then 125 students have been benefited from this reCYCLE effort and so on to help many more in future…

B. Second Chance: Education to Employment

It has been observed that 87% of village’s student left the study if they failed in 10th or 12th exam as they feel irritating to face their School mates. They don’t even try to do something else which can help them to build their career through the small courses.

We make student understand that failure is not the End It’s a new start to your career through our various project / Vocational Courses.

                  Carpenter    Mobile repairing courses
                  Plumber                            Farming
                  Electrician                            Arts Courses
                  Gardening  Free computer learning


In today’s competitive world, having great academic qualifications is not enough to get into sought-after colleges or industry. Possessing soft skills such as COMMUNICATION, aptitude and presentation skills is essential to get ahead.

We have been conducting soft skills training program for poor students, these children study in Government High Schools; their age group is 13 years to 16 years and from 8th STD to 10th Standard classes. So far we have successfully conducted this program in 4 schools for 700 children.

The following topics are covering during Para Education Program sessions:

                Types of Communication               Personality traits
                Effective Communication               Writing skills
                Verbal & non-verbal Communication               Reading skills
                Body Language               Listening skills
                Presentation skills               Telephone conversation skills
               Group Discussions               Interview Skills


Creative Competition School Development: Handicap: Mentally & Physically
Story telling Portable Toilets Artificial body parts
Essay writing Water Tanks Wheel Chair
Drawing competition Digital Education Boards Shriram Matimand School at Ratnagiri Educational Support
Poem writing Computer Lab & Equipment Help in examination to Deaf & Dumb to write paper
Eco-friendly Sarasvati Pujan Teachers Training
Rangoli Laboratory Equipment
Allocation competition
Spoken English Classes