Old age & Orphan


Educate an Orphan

orphanWe invites you to EDUCATE AN ORPHAN for 600 Rs Per month and you will help build a school for orphans to learn, play, and have a safe haven!

According to Puraan the act of continuous charity will benefit a person even after his/her death. Funding an orphan school not only earns the reward of helping orphans, but is also a form of continuous charity, as thousands of orphans will benefit from the help you give.

School is located in Kandivali & Virar (Mumbai) and is the orphan school belonging to Swagat Ashram under the guidance of the Konkan Education & Art. This school is experiencing grave difficulties – the building is falling apart structurally, it is over-crowded, lacks a playground, among other hardships. The school has in dire need of financial assistance to build a larger school suitable for their needs.

  • Your donation provides orphaned children with food, housing, clothing, education, and most of all, hope for a brighter future!
  • 95% of your donations will go directly towards supporting orphans in need!
  • Due to the volunteer base operational efforts of Our Team, only 5%of contributions are required for operational costs.


Monthly Expenses
Groceries Rs.15,000.00
Rice 400kgs @ Rs.45 Rs.18,000.00
Vegetables, Eggs and Meat Rs.20,500.00
Milk 8Litres per day@ Rs.38 P/ lit(need to increase 2 more litres) Rs.10,000.00
General Medicines Rs. 5,000.00
Gas Refill @ Rs.1300 X5 Rs. 6,500.00
Rental for the Girls premises, Boys room & storage room Rs.12,000.00
Electricity & water Bills Rs. 6,000.00
Maintenances (plumbing, repairs, petrol, PHONE bills, Haircut, etc.) Rs.15,000.00
Salaries for 5 maids and a cook Rs.21,500.00
Total Rs.1,29,500.00 Per Month Expenses
Other than Regular Expenses
School Fees 1st Term Rs.94,000.00 X 3 = 2,82,000.00
Transportation (School Bus Fee 1st Term) Rs.44,200.00 X 3 = 1,32,600.00
3 Terms school fees and Transport fee is Rs.4,14,600.00
Uniforms 3 pairs( 2regular, 1 white) Rs.57,000.00
Shoes 2 pairs (1 black, 1 white) Rs. 28,000.00
Text Books and Note Books & Stationery Rs.65,000.00
List of Home needs
Gas Connections (domestic) for refilling. (Priority) Rs.15,000.00
Induction stoves (prestige or Philips brand) 3 Nos. (priority) Rs.13,500.00
Bowls for induction stove Rs.8,500.00
Thin Mattress washable 3X6 size 40 Nos (priority) Rs. 30,000.00
Pillows and Pillow covers 40Nos (Priority) Rs.12,000.00
Cotton Towels 45Nos. (Priority) Rs. 5,625.00
Bathroom slippers for all the children Rs.4,500.00
Stove stands Rs.450.00
Inner garments for boys and girls Rs.39,000.00
Television old or new 1Nos Rs.15,000.00
A pair of New clothes for all the children and staff Rs.13,500.00
Computer tables 1nos. Rs.8,500.00
Charging Lamps (Led Crompton preferable) 6Nos Rs. 30,000.00
Digital Thermometer 2Nos. Rs.12,000.00
Total Rs.2,46,575.00

Swagat Old Age Home

NGO is proud to announce that we have reached one more new milestone with the launch of Swagat Old Age Home for neglected destitute elderly persons. The residents have been identified from different village of Maharashtra. Currently twenty Seven elderly People are sheltered in the home.

We aim to provide the best of care to the elderly people in the home. We seek to enhance the quality of health, self-sufficiency in each and every individual and ensure a homely atmosphere.


Swagat Ashram Charitable Trust,
Behind St. Anthony Malvani Church,
Chickuwadi Lane, Marve Road,
Malad(W), Mumbai 400095.

The Old Age Home has Two Bedroom a big hall, hygienic kitchen and 3 toilets, and open space for recreation.
Check the images from Old Age home.


We are able to run this old age home with generous contributions from individuals like you, and corporates. You can donate in the name of someone, and for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversary to provide festive meals in our Ashram. People are welcome to come to the ashram celebrate special occasions with the warm elders.

Salient Features of Swagat Old Age Home:

  • Medical Care & Support for Elderly Persons
  • Nutritious Food – 3 meals daily
  • A quite, clean and zero noise environment
  • Recreational, cultural and social activities

How you can be part of Old Age Home:

  • Donate Rs.1800 to Sponsor one elderly person in the Old Age Home for her Food & Medical Support for One Month.
  • Sponsor One Destitute Old Age Person for 1 Year with Rs. 21,600 in the Old Age Home for her Nutritious Meals, Medical Care.